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Generations of Hope

Generations of Hope is a 26.3 million dollar capital fundraising campaign launched by Middle Tennessee Christian School in the fall of 2021. As on April 2022, the school has already brought in over 21 million in pledges with a now expectation of breaking ground a new high school building much sooner than expected.

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The New Day Vision

In 2022, North Boulevard Church of Christ launched a 5 million dollar fundraiser with with huge aspirations of sharing God's word 'here, near and far.' The campaign blew everyone away, raising a total of 12.1 million dollars, over 240 percent of their original goal.

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Just Love Coffee Cafe

Now a popular nationwide brand, Just Love began with one location in Murfreesboro, TN. The Encounter team was able to highlight the store featuring what makes “The Original” so great.

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Hit Lab

Former baseball player turned instructor Joel Lynch began Hit Lab with a mission to further the game he loves. Located just outside of Nashville, Lynch’s dream is to reach young players of all ages, levels of skill and by any location with an original in-person and online baseball academy.

Fundraising Campaigns

Social media

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Legacy of Light Gala // Jack Nicklaus

Middle Tennessee’s renowned Legacy of Light Gala featured golf legend Jack Nicklaus in 2021. Fans from 4 to 94 were all in attendance together to hear stories, take pictures and celebrate a night with “The Golden Bear.”

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North Boulevard West // Groundbreaking Ceremony

After nearly eight years, the satellite church plant of North Boulevard-West Murfreesboro finally was able to break ground on a permanent home. It was a very emotional day for many as prayers were being answered.


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The Dancer's School // Christmas Special

As seen on the "2020 Celebrate Christmas Downtown Show," local dancers showed up and showed out for a virtual lighting of the Christmas tree special in front of the steps of the courthouse.

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"Wait On You" // Crossland Collective

This performance is a featured exert from a longer  45-minute special by Crossland Collective of Nashville's Crossland Church. 



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The Road to Forty

Go in depth and behind the scenes with teachers, students and graduating seniors from The Dancer's School as they describe the challenges of all that was 2020. When a year meant for celebrating a milestone disappears overnight, hear from those who were affected most on how that only fueled them to finishing the year stronger than ever.

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For Each Other

In partnership with Middle Tennessee Athletics, For Each Other focus’ on Donovan Sims, a hometown kid who on and off the court lives for others. As just a sophomore, Sims naturally assumes the role of a leader. Beloved by the community, see why everyone is calling him “The Mayor of Murfreesboro."

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Goggin Cold Haul

As one of the largest cold haul trucking services in the Southeast, Goggin is a renowned name in the industry. In this film, we highlight why those who work for this company truly feel like they’re all family. As the drivers say, they’re “the coldest team in town.”


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